Bike Fitting

Bike Fit Services

Bike Fits are not just for those buying new bikes. a Bike Fit on your existing TT or road bike will provide massive gains and also help cure many 'on the bike' issues such as aches, pains and general discomfort.

We include a bike fit  free of charge with every new bike purchased (normal cost £80) to ensure that your new bike is just right for you from the outset.

The  Bike Fit Session

A session takes about two hours and is a very personal and considered appraisal of an individual’s cycling physiology, technique and alignment. Everything about you as an individual is evaluated and perfected
Injury/Pain concerns We will be looking for underlying cause from your bike-position, set-up and history – we are not physios or osteos but will refer you to recommended colleagues wherever necessary and mutually agreed.

Cleat position and foot shape. The most vital interface for power and comfort - In cycling the leg’s kinetic chain is closed by the pelvis/saddle contact at one end and by the shoe/pedal interface at the other. Your technician will devote a large part of the session aligning and balancing your foot/cleat position. 
Cycling/sporting history our technician will want detailed information of how long, far and at what level you have cycled in the past, or if you are migrating from another sport altogether

Future cycling aspiration We need to know your targets and goals. It affects (in consultation with you) how far your technician will compromise comfort for performance – e.g. You will most likely use a different position for an Iron Man triathlon than you would use for a Sprint or Olympic event. Your position should be right for every event and occasion.

The Cost

Full Bike Fit takes approximately 2 hours and costs £80.00.

You will need to wear your cycle shorts and shoes.

Please call the shop to book an appointment and discuss your requirements.